Animal Mintz Pre rolls

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Animal Mintz Pre-Rolls

Firstly, Cannabis pre-rolled for sale Zurich. Animal Mintz, not to be confused with “Animal Mints,” is a 50% indica/50% sativa hybrid strain bred from the Fire OG X Animal Cookies X Thin Mint Cookies strains.

With potent effects and 22-24% THC on average, this three-way cross is ideal for seasoned hybrid lovers. The effects start quickly with a tremendous amount of cerebral stimulation that gets your thoughts racing.

A little touch of relaxation progressively infiltrates your body, leaving you couch-locked and helplessly drugged till you drop out and fall asleep. Animal Mintz is used to treat insomnia, chronic stress, PTSD, depression, and exhaustion because of its strong effects.

Cannabis pre-rolled for sale Zurich

This bud tastes like a delicious nutty cookie with a sharp mint and spicy coffee exhale. The scent is similar but earthier and spicier, with black coffee and doughy cookie sweetness.

Animal Mintz buds feature long, tapering, spade-shaped neon green nugs with amber overtones, thin orange hairs, and icy sandy amber crystal trichomes.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, a 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup finisher, are not exactly the same. Thin Mint Cookies is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and F1 Durban Poison.

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That mix creates a powerful, almost equal mix of sativa and indica genes. The high comprises a relaxing body buzz, significant appetite and tiredness, a cerebral creative boost, mental relief, and psychedelic feelings.

Anxiety, despair, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite sufferers might try Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It works best at night but may be used day or night. At least one test showed 24% THC.

However, CBD levels are too low to suggest this strain to people with seizures or other CBD-treated diseases. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies smell and taste minty and sweet.

Possible side effects include a dry mouth and watery eyes. Though less common than its parents, this strain sells well in Nevada, Arizona, and the West Coast.


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  • Brenda

    October 9, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    5 out of 5

    Pre rolls are good

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