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Synergy marijuana Strain

Buy THC Marijuana in Galway, Synergy marijuana strain  is a great addition to. our single pick n mix strains and is a Canadian Lemon Hybrid!

The plants are of medium height and will be nice and bushy, flowering will take around 9 weeks to finish. their cycle and the aroma that comes off these plants will fill your world with a citrus lemon odor that makes you want a smoke time and time again.

When growing the Canadian Lemonade cannabis strain you should look out for phenotypes. Buy THC Marijuana in Galway. Buy THC Vape juice Midleton, Buy Cannabis edibles Wicklow, Monaghan, Carlow, Cavan, Navan, Wexford, Clonmel, Clonakilty

Occasionally you can come across a very Sativa like pheno. Which may look a little strange in your garden but keep it till harvest and it will reward you. The strength of this pheno is very high with a completely different experience all together.

Lemonade works well in sea of green and has been seen to respond well to SCROG methods and super cropping. The cannabis plants can handle the pressure and are fairly resistant. To stress induced hermaphroditic behavior!

Lemonade is high in THC and mostly Indica based. It is a great strain for Insomnia, pain relief and anxiety problems. Finished buds will be dark green with light fruity citrus lemon tones covered in white layer of trichromes. In the smoking session this one will have a very heavy Indica body stone that will get you very pleasantly high.

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The conclusion is that the Lemonade cannabis strain is well suited for the experimental grower. If you are into creating grow diaries and want something to twist and turn around your grow room this could be the right strain choice for your next project.

All our cannabis seeds are 99.5% female and 99.5% viable! We store all our Lemonade strains in a commercial grade fridge at optimal conditions and on the day of purchase they are labeled with a purchase date so we know exactly how old they are.

Our partner breeder for these Feminized Lemonade marijuana seeds is highly reputable and the seeds we offer are comparable to top world seed banks!

We guarantee same day dispatch if you order before 3pm Monday Friday. If you want guaranteed next day or Saturday delivery it will cost a little extra.

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