Blue moonrock Pre rolled

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Moonrock Pre rolls Contains 55% THC And 2% CBD , Keif Added

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Pre-rolled joints for sale Italy

Firstly, Pre-rolled joints for sale Italy. Ingenious breeders at BOG Seeds produce hit strain after hit strain. Blue Moon Rocks, a delightful strain created by crossing BOG Bubble and Blue Moon, calms the body and mind like their other award-winning strains.

Brace yourself Blue Moon Rocks, like other Moon Rocks, are dangerous. New users should avoid this strain since it consistently has 24% THC.

Sticky, thick nugs with trichomes and blue and purple tones appear like they come from the moon. Buy THC Cannabis Trento. This puff combines lavender, blueberry, and tea for an amazing taste.

Developed by combining BOG Bubble with Blue Moon (sativa/indica ratio: 30:70), Blue Moon Rocks may reach 18% THC. This makes it a strong treatment for anxiety and poor mood. Migraines, headaches, muscular spasms, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and daily stress.

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A severe yet relaxing body buzz and substantial exhilaration are expected. However, Blue Moon Rocks contains less than 1% CBD, making it unsuitable for treating CBD-responsive disorders like epilepsy.

Round, thick, sticky nugs with blue and purple tints and plenty of trichomes. Berry, tea, lavender, and tropical notes are in the taste and scent. Tokers should anticipate dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia with this strain, although reports are few.

Originally found in West Coast and Arizona medical markets, Blue Moon Rocks is tougher to locate elsewhere, including the illicit market.

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If you take Blue Moon Rocks, your face will ache from smiling all night. Social behavior and exhilaration are associated with this strain. Pre-rolled joints for sale Italy, Buy THC Cannabis Trento. Marijuana gummies for sale Brescia, Order Vape pens in Ragusa, Pure THC oil buy in Padua

Due to its indica-dominant lineage, it has strong yet relaxing body effects. Creative users will be motivated to finish their works, while tired users will appreciate the relaxation.

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Moon rock blueberry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel


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