AK Cookies

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AK Cookies

Firstly, Weed tins for sale in Corinth. Combining the infamous AK-47 and Girl Scout Cookie strains created the distinctive hybrid strain known as AK Cookies. It is somewhat more sativa-dominant (60% sativa/40% indica).

If you’re a fan of strong cookie strains, you’re going to adore AK Cookies. The high 22-24% average THC level in this bud gives it a devastating high that hits quickly and fast, affecting the user’s mind and body.

During the peak of the high, there is a surge of cerebral effects, along with a general feeling of joy and inspiration.

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A mild sensation will spread like wildfire throughout your body as your thoughts ascend, eventually leaving you feeling somewhat numb and completely calm.

As you begin to wind down, this mixture takes on a sedative effect and sends you into a deep, peaceful sleep. People with chronic pain, cramps, or spasms, persistent anxiety or stress, depression, or both may find relief with AK Cookies’ high THC dosage and associated effects.

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A mild herbal aftertaste complements the bud’s sweet and earthy taste. The scent is mostly woodsy and earthy, with a hint of sweetness and a hint of spice and herbal notes. Weed tins for sale in Corinth, Buy THC Vape Juice Kavala, Marijuana Cartridge for sale Rhodes. Order Marijuana edibles in Thessaloniki, THC oil in Greece

The buds of AK Cookies are a frosty, thick coating of matching crystal trichomes, and they are grape-shaped, vivid, neon-green, and covered with thin, clear hairs.


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