Banana Pound Cake

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Banana pound cake is an indica dominat hybrid with 18% THC 0.03% CBD. This strain is a cross between the legendary Golden State Banana was hit with London Pound Cake. … Like most indica dominant hybrid banana pound cake is good for those dealing with depression and anxiety.

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Banana Pound Cake

Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis online Lugano. London Poundcake is 70/30 indica and provides up to 29% THC, which few strains can tolerate. The strain is genetically dedicated to Sunset Sherbet.

Cookie Fam Genetics created a grape-like, tropical nut masterpiece with an unknown indica. The high starts mild but lingers throughout your body before settling on you.

Banana Pound Cake is a terrific best buddy for moodiness, despair, and attentiveness, even though it won’t make you drowsy.

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Appearance, smell, and taste
Banana Pound Cake reveals grape flavor with booming trumpet blasts of flavor and sour lemon harmonies. Marijuana edibles for sale Aarau. Only after a little searching does the strain become nutty or doughy, with a vanilla cookie exhale.

Berry, grape, and pine scents greet you. Sour aftertastes are typical when you sit on your sofa.

The thick strain has olive-shaped, dark green blooms and small amber trichomes. Over its 10–12-week growth cycle, it generates longer branches than typical. This is why we suggest Banana Pound Cake for seasoned growers seeking a challenge.

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The Banana Pound Cake High gently calms your frazzled mind and replaces negative ideas with positive ones. Its 29% THC high induces evenness, inventiveness, and quiet attention.

Banana Pound Cake is a great pastime for friends who want to munch, speak, and laugh. Buy THC Cannabis online Lugano. It goes great with going out, playing outdoors, strolling, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, eating, doing art, and more.

Banana Pound Cake treats mood disorders and ADHD well. London Poundcake helps with stress, weariness, and sadness. The strain’s terpene profile makes it a poor painkiller.

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The mood-changer strain overachieves. Banana Pound Cake may be too much for new growers and consumers. There’s nothing like cake, if you enjoy it. Buy THC Cannabis online Lugano, Marijuana edibles for sale Aarau, Order THC oil Rapperswil-Jona. THC gummies for sale Lugano, Vape pen for sale Aarau

Banana Pound Cake requires care because of its long branches and early blooming. That means cutting the branches often to avoid mold and mildew, which the strain is vulnerable to because of its humidity issues. Frequent grooming will help save the plant energy on unproductive branches.

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  • Brillianty F

    October 2, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    5 out of 5

    This is similar to the London pound cake. Great strain and I’ll buy again . My grandma loves it. Thanks lucky leaf

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