CBD Is About to Take Over America’s Malls

July 11, 2019by Lucky Leaf shop4

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CBD Is About to Take Over America’s Malls

Green Growth Brands plans to open nearly 200 CBD-specialty shops this year across some of the US’s biggest shopping malls.

Green Growth Brands, an Ohio-based cannabis company, recently partnered with Brookfield Properties and Simon Property Group, two of America’s biggest shopping mall companies.

On Monday, Green Growth announced it would open 70 shops at Brookfield Properties’ malls and another 108 storefronts through Simon Property’s malls, CNBC reported. All new store locations should be operating by the end of the year.Buy Exotic carts online Maryland

Green Growth’s new CBD retail chain, Green Lily, will soon launch at four unnamed Brookfield malls. The company already manages seven CBD storefronts, called Seventh Sense, under other Brookfield Properties, including Illinois’s Oakbrook Center and Las Vegas’s Fashion Show Mall.Buy Exotic carts online Maryland

CBD’s exploding popularity is bringing the weed-derived compound to mainstream retailers across the country. Earlier this year, the drugstore chains CVS and Walgreens began stocking their shelves with CBD-infused creams, lotions, and other self-care products.

Kroger, an Ohio-based grocery store chain, announced on Monday that it would begin offering CBD products at hundreds of its US-based stores, too.

The US CBD industry is expected to hit $22 billion in sales by 2022.

Over Half of CBD Products Sold in UK Are Inaccurately Labeled, New Study Finds

Over Half of CBD Products Sold in UK Are Inaccurately Labeled, New Study Finds

The report found that around 6 million adults are using CBD products in the UK, but many of these products contain contaminants or illegal levels of THC.Buy Exotic carts online Maryland

Like most other Western nations, the United Kingdom is deep in the midst of a CBD craze. Last year, the UK Home Office began the slow process of approving medical cannabis products for legal sale, but unapproved CBD oils and infused products have been popping up in stores across the country in vastly growing numbers.

new report by the Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) has found that while more and more UK residents are trying CBD products every day, many of these products are inaccurately labeled or contain contaminants like heavy metals. The report states that around 6 million UK adults have used CBD, and 11 percent of the country’s entire population had used some form of CBD product within the past year.Buy Exotic carts online Maryland

In order to test the quality of these popular products, the CMC purchased 30 assorted CBD products from well-known retailers and had them tested at a UK lab. Out of these 30 products, only 38 percent actually contained the amount of CBD that was displayed on the label. Another 38 percent actually had less than half of the CBD advertised on the label. One product, which sold for £90 ($113) a bottle, actually had no cannabinoids in it at all.

More worryingly, the report found a number of other substances within these products. Seven of the products contained solvents and heavy metals, although the amounts fell within current UK safety guidelines for pharmaceutical products. One product contained 3.8 percent ethanol, which actually qualifies it as an alcoholic beverage. And almost half of all the samples contained more THC or CBN than is legally allowed in the country.

The CMC also commissioned an independent market research agency to study how the CBD sector has been growing. This report found that the current UK CBD market is actually 3 to 6 times larger than previous estimates concluded, with 1.3 million consumers spending an estimated £300M ($375 million) a year on these products – more than UK residents spend on Vitamin D and C combined.

To balance the growing popularity of these products with necessary safety precautions, the report has outlined three “big asks” for “every player in this sector.” The report asks government officials to clarify and revise the country’s medical cannabis laws, support domestic CBD production, and devise regulations to ensure that these products are safe for consumption. CBD producers are asked to “be socially responsible,” defining their own quality standards and establishing self-regulation guidelines.Buy Exotic carts online Maryland

The CMC also asks the UK medical community to take CBD seriously, support new research into this medicine, and prepare to prescribe these new medicines as they become available. The report also asks government regulators to clarify their rules, educate consumers and industry professionals, and to focus their enforcement efforts on priority harms.

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