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thc vape juice

Vaping has become an incredibly popular way to smoke both nicotine and cannabis in the last decade or so.

But only in the last couple years have THC vape juice products really taken over the market. 

There are plenty of reasons to opt for vape juice or other cannabis concentrates over flower.

This post will go over what THC vape juice is all about, the benefits, our recommended brands, and even how to make your own vape juice at home.Buy THC vape juice online Australia Buy vape juice online Florida Buy vape juice online Alabama Where to Buy vape juice online Italy.

What is THC Vape Juice

THC vape juice is simply a liquid cannabis concentrate that is made by extracting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from fresh cannabis flowers using CO2 or alcohol extraction. The end product is a highly concentrated and potent liquid that can be attached to a vaporizer pen and smoked just like if you were using an herb vaporizer.

One of the biggest advantages of THC vape juice is that it can contain as high as 80-90% THC.

Whereas dried cannabis flower only contains around 20% THC.

This allows for a much stronger high in much smaller hits, meaning less product consumed and more money in your pocket.

Is THC Vape Juice Legal?

The legality of vape juice mostly depends on where you live. If you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal.

Like Colorado, California, Washington, or Oregon, you will have no issues finding a legal THC vape juice at your local dispensary.

If you live in a state where only medical marijuana is legal like Michigan or Florida, you will need to qualify for a medical marijuana card in order to purchase any THC-based cannabis products.

If you live in a state where there are no legal cannabis laws, unfortunately, THC vape juice is not a (legal) option for you.

Where to buy THC Vape Juice

where to buy thc vape juice

Depending on where you live, THC vape juice can be purchased at a local recreational or medical dispensary. In these states, you can also purchase THC vape juice online from brands like Pax and Gio as long as they ship to your location. All of our recommended brands can be purchased online.

Best THC Cartridges

Shopping online for THC vape juice cartridges will quickly show you that the market is booming.

However, not all vape juices are created equal, and it’s important to do your homework to make sure you’re receiving a clean product that is free of residual solvents, chemicals.

Pesticides, and that it’s been lab tested to verify its potency. 

We consider the following brands to be a trustworthy option for high-quality, potent, and pure THC vape juice. Where to Buy vape juice online Italy

Pax Era Pods Bloom Farms

THC Cartridges PAX ERA pods

Since 2007, Pax has been a frontrunner in the world of cannabis vaping with what they consider a “radical new approach” to experiencing vape juice and concentratesThese pods are designed to use with the Pax Era vaporizer, a featherlight, pocket-friendly, buttonless design that is popular amongst recreational and medical consumers who enjoy the clean high that comes from vaping oils. Buy vape juice online Florida

Pax is different from other companies in that it partners with growers and concentrate manufacturers to create unique 500mg pods designed exclusively for use with the Era vaporizer.

The company even has an app which lets you control the vape temperature settings from your phone.

Allowing you all the flexibility you need for a premium smoking experience.Buy vape juice online Alabama

They offer 17 different strains of their premium oil blends that range from 50-80% THC.

Bloom Farms products are available in California.Visit Site

Select Elite Cannabis Oil Cartridges


Highly-refined distillation technique that results in a full-spectrum oil of 75-95% THC.

To produce a heady psychoactive effect and a distinct flavor profile that stands out from other concentrate brands.

Ensures an even temperature for smooth puffs every time. 

If you’re not ready for a product with 95% THC, Select Oil has several other products with THC levels starting around 20%.Visit Site

G Pen Gio Pods Caliva


Caliva’s flavor-filled concentrates contain 80% THC and come in three options: Cali OG, an earthy indica great for nighttime relaxation;

Classic Jack, a lime-flavored sativa said to enhance creativity; and Day Dream.

A fruity hybrid ideal for mellowing out any time of the day. Caliva’s THC cartridges are available for pickup and delivery in the San Jose, CA region.Visit Site

How To Make THC Vape Juice

If you have experience making cannabis products or prefer to avoid products sold in the unregulated market.

it’s entirely possible to make vape juice yourself with some ingredients and utensils you probably already have in your kitchen.

If you’re not very kitchen savvy and don’t trust yourself around an open flame, we recommend leaving this to someone with decent kitchen safety skills, or at least doing it with some supervision and a fire extinguisher on hand. 

If you’re patient and use caution, it’s easy and inexpensive to make THC vape juice at home. Safety first! Where to Buy vape juice online Italy

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own THC vape juice at home:

  • 6 grams of high-quality cannabis flower
  • High-proof grain alcohol like Everclear (do not use isopropyl alcohol, it is dangerous and will not work)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Cheesecloth
  • 2 wide mouth mason jars
  • Dropper bottle with a
  • 5ml dropper
  • Baking sheet
  • Aluminum foil
  • Kitchen pot and oven

1. First, you’re going to want to decarboxylate your cannabis flower in order to activate the cannabinoids. 

You can read our full guide to decarboxylation for cannabutter and other products here.

In this case, we recommend grinding the cannabis flowers, then spreading them out on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.

Heat the cannabis in an oven preheated to 240-250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure an even distribution of heat.

By the time it’s ready to take out of the oven it will be a caramel-brown color.

2. Once decarboxylation is complete, grind the cannabis again in a food processor to break down more cell walls and enhance the level of extraction.Buy vape juice online Florida

3. Add the ground and decarboxylated flower to an uncovered mason jar and fill it with grain alcohol until it’s just above the top of the herb.Buy vape juice online Alabama

4. Fill the pot with 3 inches of water and add the jar to the pot, uncovered. Bring the water to a boil over medium-high heat, reducing the temperature once it starts to boil.

This will allow some of the alcohol to evaporate and ensure that the rest of it continues to absorb the THC and other cannabinoids.

Once the alcohol is caramel in color and at a level lower than the cannabis, remove the jar and add more alcohol until it is at its original level, then return it to the pot.

Continue boiling until the alcohol reduces down again and becomes a dark caramel or gold color.

5. Place the cheesecloth over the second mason jar and pour the alcohol into the jar, catching the herb on the top of the cloth. 

Once the jar is empty, remove the cheesecloth and gently squeeze to filter the remaining liquid from the bud. Buy THC vape juice online Australia

6. Add some fresh water to the pot and place the uncovered jar filled with just the liquid into the pot.

The 5ml dropper from the bottle will help you measure what is left.Buy vape juice online Alabama

7. Using the dropper, add 20ml of the propylene glycol to the jar and shake or stir the solution to combine it with the concentrate.

8. Add the liquid to the dropper bottle and enjoy! You can now use your homemade THC vape juice.Where to Buy vape juice online Italy

Have you made your own vape juice? What’s your favorite brand of concentrate to smoke? Share your recommendations and tips in the comments

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