Cookies Gary Payton

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Cookies Gary Payton

If you don’t like sports, this strain’s name may sound funny. Simply Gary Payton, Cookies The former Seattle Supersonics point guard helped create Gary Payton. Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics gave The Y to Veritas, a Colorado producer with all licensing rights, after crossing her with Snowman. Cookies Gary Payton tops out at 25% THC, but users say she’s potent.

Appearance, smell, taste
Mint green nugs with bright orange pistils and thick white, glittering trichomes appear classic. This gal’s spicy diesel and herbs will overwhelm you if you like sweet strains.

Many believe her stench lingers, so enjoy her in a safe environment before lighting up.
Effects While most people say to “buckle up” for a high, Cookies Gary Payton may require you to do so or plant your behind on the couch. Though not sedative, this strain may be best sat down owing to its potency.

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Although popular for enjoyment, this strain is also loved for its therapeutic properties. Cookies Gary Payton’s 5% CBD content makes her a good choice for treating anxiety, sadness, and ADD/ADHD. This bud may also assist migraine sufferers get through the day.

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Anyone who has tried Cookies Gary Payton knows that this strain is special, and people have been disappointed when they try to grow her. As you might expect, seeds and clones are unlikely to be sold when “licensing” is involved. If you can’t resist growing her yourself, hunt for a stray seed when you buy flowers.

Cookies Gary Payton isn’t just for basketball enthusiasts, but NBA fans seem to like it more. Her flavors are acquired, but her stated effects may make her one of your favorites.

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  • Dominique Daniels

    October 28, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    5 out of 5

    In and out super fast. Everything is organized for a smooth buying experience. Lots of products to choose from.

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