Strawberry Banana Cartridges

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Strawberry Banana Cartridges

Firstly, THC Vape oil for sale Amsterdam. Strawberry Banana Sherbet, or “Sherbet,” is a delectable indica-dominant hybrid strain bred from Strawberry Banana X Banana Sherbet.

Those who like fruity flavors would enjoy this woman! Strawberry Banana Sherbet tastes as you’d expect—sweet tart berries and cream with a tinge of earthy banana! Sweet fruits and acidic berries with a pungent earthiness smell good too.

Don’t let the taste deceive you—this bud’s 22-26% average THC makes it easy to overdo it! The high starts with a euphoric lift that elevates your mood and gives you a wild attitude.

You’ll be artistically energized and laser-focused, ready to tackle anything. Your body will be totally rooted to the ground during this relaxed body high.

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Strawberry Banana Sherbet is perfect for experienced users with persistent tiredness, sadness, stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness due to its strong effects.

This bud has little neon green nugs with fluffy orange hairs and dusty crystalline crystal trichomes.
The notorious Serious Seeds farms produced strawberry bananas.

A strong indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) from Strawberry Bubblegum and Crocket’s Banana Kush. This dank strain has a 22-26% THC content and several well-balanced indica and sativa effects.

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Strawberry Banana begins with a modest head buzz and eventually evolves into a powerful euphoric and elevated cerebral head high that leaves you calm and focused. THC Vape oil for sale Amsterdam, Buy Pure THC oil in Volendam. Marijuana edibles in the Netherlands, Buy Cannabis gummies in Rotterdam

The full-body relaxation and warming body buzz leave you somewhat sleepy and couch-locked with a mild attack of the munchies. Strawberry banana is good for treating chronic pain, tension, depression, and appetite loss due to its strong effects.

The sweet tropical strawberry scent and flavor with a sweet banana exhale, make Strawberry Banana unforgettable. Sweet banana buds feature large fluffy popcorn-shaped neon green nugs with long. twisted dark orange hairs. These nugs are covered with massive crystal white trichomes and luscious sticky resin.



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