LA Kush Cannabis Oil

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LA Kush Cannabis Oil

Firstly, THC Marijuana oil for sale Dublin. The genetics of LA Kush, a 90% indica/10% sativa hybrid, are controversial. OG Kush is its known father, but its other parent is unknown.

Some say it is a backcross, while others claim it is abusive OG. Whatever its provenance, LA Kush has 19–21% THC and remarkable mental effects.

The fast-acting cerebral impact energizes and motivates you with concentration and purpose. Due to its significant indica heritage, the high strikes hard and doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia like a potent sativa or hybrid strain.

THC Marijuana oil for sale Dublin

Continuing the high will give you a moderate body buzz that leaves you comfortable, cheerful, useful, and motivated. LA Kush treats chronic pain, inflammation, muscular spasms, and tremors well due to these effects.

The exhale of this bud tastes like peppermint pine with a tinge of moist dirt. These buds feature tiny to medium-sized dark forest green heart-shaped nugs with flaming orange hairs and transparent fine trichomes.

The hybrid strain Larry Bird Kush is named after Boston Celtics coach Larry Bird. This dank strain is a robust hybrid between the very popular and pungent Blue Cheese X Hindu Kush X 213 Haze strains, with an average THC content of 14–18%.

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Users describe the Larry Bird Kush High as a strong intellectual sensation that hits you like a shot. This tremendous sensation of exhilaration and creative energy might be overwhelming, but it will drive and uplift you.

Larry Bird Kush is good for treating moderate to severe depression, persistent stress, and weariness due to its powerful sativa effects. Boston Larry is not recommended for anxiety treatment because of its strong sativa effects. THC Marijuana oil for sale Dublin, Buy THC Vape oil in Howth, Order Weed Hash in Dalkey. Marijuana gummies for sale Damastown, Buy Pure THC oil Malahide

This strain tastes like minty, lemony pine with a pleasant exhale. Dark forest green medium-sized popcorn nugs with olive green leaves and undertones are Larry Bird Kush buds. Long, thin, dark, and light brown hairs, dense trichomes, and sticky syrupy resin cover these nugs.


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