Wedding Cake by Alien labs

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Wedding Cake by Alien labs

Firstly, order THC cannabis in Florence. Although delicious, wedding cake has a peppery aftertaste, like marriage. It’s perfect for relaxing, going out, or doing nothing—the perfect people’s strain.

An unknown developer bred it from Cherry Pie and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) parents, and its high-20s THC level should appeal to even the most jaded consumers.

Some call wedding cakes pink cookies. We listed its most common lineage, although other seed banks say it’s a Triangle Mints phenotype.

Since both parents are Landrace sativa strains like Durban Poison, we think it’s Cherry Pie + GSC genetics. Wedding Cake is 60/40 indica and contains dark and light green foliage, thick buds, and sweet crystals like GSC.

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The strain’s terpenes prefer humulene first, then limonene and terpinolene in lesser proportions. Humulene, a woody, spicy terpene, lends many strains an earthy, peppery flavor. It tastes like hops, which includes humulene.

Unexpectedly, wedding cake smells bland. The perfume is a low-key combination of earth and floral aromas with sweet undertones, not vanilla. It tastes doughy and sour, like sourdough bread.

For nerve and anxiety regulation, the strain works well. Wedding cake may treat depression, muscular sclerosis, and fibromyalgia symptoms due to neuromuscular control.

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The medical benefits of wedding cake make it recommended for individuals who can manage the THC. New users may not enjoy its taste, but growers and experienced users love it for its resilience in the ground and in your tongue.

As said, landrace heritage is important. Growers will be glad to hear that Wedding Cake’s robust genetics make it resistant to most garden pests, diseases, and weather variations. Order THC Cannabis in Florence, Buy THC edibles in Fiesole, THC gummies for sale Malmantile. THC oil for sale in Impruneta, Buy weed Hash in Pelago

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Keep the growth conditions steady, and the strain won’t require staking since it grows short. Indoors, the strain blossoms in 7–9 weeks; outdoors, in late September or early October.

Our key suggestion is to utilize reflective lining in a growth tent to equally disperse light and ease this strain.


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