Moxie Cannabis Oil 1g

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Firstly, Marijuana Vape pens for sale Milan. The legendary Magnum Opus X Zkittlez X Koffee strains were crossed to generate Moxie, a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid. If you want a strong bud, you’ve found it.

Each magnificent nugget of Moxie is all you’ve dreamed of from an indica strain and more. The Moxie high hits your brain immediately as you exhale, boosting your mental state.

A social overtone will elevate and delight you, making talks with friends and strangers easy. After a mild physical relaxation, your limbs and torso will stretch and kick back.

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A severe case of the munchies leaves you famished and seeking anything to eat. Moxie is used to treat chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, sadness, stress, and weariness because of its high (22-23% average THC potency).

A pungent diesel fragrance and sweet lemon flavor characterize this bud. Moxie buds contain grape-shaped, minty green nugs with slender orange hairs and hefty, golden-white crystal trichomes.

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Koffee F2, popularly known as “Koffee,” is a backcross of Kaya’s Koffee and a 90% indica/10% sativa hybrid. Looking for the right bud to wake you up? Keep searching. Marijuana Vape pens for sale Milan, Buy THC Vape oil in Italy, Cannabis oil for sale in Mesero. Buy THC Vape juice in Milano, and pure THC oil in Motta Visconti

Despite its name, Koffee F2 is not a coffee-infused bud. This bud will keep you euphoric, giggly, and out of focus for hours. The high begins with a surge of elevated sensations that induce pleasure and contemplation.

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As your mind slips into forgetfulness, your body will drop off, leaving you physiologically at peace and connected to the living world.

Koffee F2 is used to treat depression, chronic pain, mood swings, exhaustion, and stress due to its high 10–22% average THC potency. This bud tastes earthy chocolate coffee and smells peppery.

Koffee F2 buds feature flat, dusty green nugs with rich amber hairs and brilliant crystal trichomes that shimmer in the sun.



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