Heavy Hitter Cannabis Oil 2.2g

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Heavy Hitter Carts for sale Europe

Firstly, Heavy Hitter Carts for sale Europe. With a ratio of 55:45 indica to sativa, Heavy Hitter OG is a hybrid strain that is mostly dominated by the indica strain. The amount of THC that it contains is somewhere between 21 and 24%, and the amount of CBD that it contains is more than 2%.

To say the least, the buds are pretty stunning in appearance. The hue of these things is lime green, and at the same time, they have a very icy appearance.

In addition to having a high concentration of crystals, the nuggets also have a decent trichome covering. Buy THC Vape carts Switzerland. For the most part, the flavor and scent of the strain are the primary reasons why it is so popular among both seasoned and novice cannabis consumers.

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This strain, Heavy Hitter OG, is characterized by a harmonious combination of lemon and pinesol tastes, with hints of citrus. You will feel the high as if it were a blast of lightning.

One further thing to consider is that it does not have any adverse effects. Heavy Hitter Carts for sale Europe. As was noted earlier, people who are new to smoking cannabis may use the strain as a kind of medication so long as they are cautious about the quantity of the strain that they really ingest.

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The high will not cause you to fall asleep and will instead have a soothing and relaxing impact on you. It is possible that you may feel bewildered, but you will be able to get things done. Heavy Hitter Carts for sale Europe, Buy THC Vape carts Switzerland. Order Pure THC oil in Zurich, Marijuana gummies for sale Stallikon

On the other hand, the strain is most often used for the treatment of individuals who suffer from physical problems and migraines.

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