Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil

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Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil

Firstly, Cannabis oil for sale in Ireland. Lemon Drop Haze is an 80% sativa/20% indica hybrid strain bred from the wonderful Lemon Haze X Lemon Drop strains. Sativa fans will love Lemon Drop Haze, a dreamy, energetic afternoon strain.

The high will gradually energise and clear your thinking before becoming heady. You’ll feel calm, focused, and sociable. Easy conversation and laughter will follow.

This concentrated impact will fade into a hazy, heady feeling that leaves you stoned yet functional and stimulated. Lemon Drop Haze is recommended for treating chronic stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, Crohn’s illness, and exhaustion because of its high 17–22% average THC content.

Cannabis oil for sale in Ireland

This bud has a hazy, peppery exhale and a sweet-sour lemon taste. A citrus overtone, spicy herbs, fragrant flowers, and hazy woodiness make the scent pleasant.

Small grape-shaped minty green ngus with thin pale orange hairs and delicate golden-white crystal trichomes are Lemon Drop Haze buds.

Captain Planet’s comment about the power of their rings combining is similar to Haze Wreck’s cannabis equivalent. Unnamed growers created this pure sativa from Trainwreck and Haze. She also goes by Trainwreck Haze and Hazy Train for further obscurity.

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Haze Wreck is powerhouse despite her 22% THC average; thus experienced users should utilize her. Her tight, thick nugs have deep purple undertones. Cannabis oil for sale in Ireland, Buy THC weed hash in Drogheda, Order marijuana edibles in Cashel. THC Vape juice for sale in Northern Ireland

Yet neon hairs and big trichomes enliven them. This strain’s tropical fruit and sweet pine smells and fragrances will satisfy your robust and vibrant cravings.

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Smoking Haze Wreck is like connecting to an electrical socket and receiving tremendous quantities of energy and a unique bliss. Users first note that their inventiveness and attention are unmatched.

Making this strain perfect for work or housework. Just when you believe you’ve hit your happy limit, you’ll gently fall down and enjoy a light, relaxing feeling. She’s a pure sativa, although some may fall asleep.


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