Triple OG

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Triple OG

Firstly, Buy Tin Weed in Limerick. Triple OG is a potent strain with up to 30% THC. This rich blend of Master Yoda, Constantine, and Triangle Kush will put the power in you. Chronic pain and melancholy can’t beat Triple Kush’s phenotypes. Exotic Genetics’ strain is being evaluated, however some sources claim a Walker Wade Labs Triple OG phenotype.

Due to its 80/20 spread, Triple OG grows medium-high in an Indica form. This strain’s hefty, dark olive, lavender-crystal-coated buds are popular among growers. Around 63 days, this strain is harvestable. Outdoor yields can reach 16 oz. per plant. Experienced gardeners advocate Screen of Green to maximize output.

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Hydroponics and rockwool or clay pellets are good for growing Triple OG indoors. These media support plants and wick moisture to increase calcium absorption at the roots.

Triple OG tastes gassy and uplifting, with sour citrus and flower overtones that give you a full-body buzz that keeps you on the couch. Based on the 30% THC maximum, Triple OG will bring you happiness and more—total bodily relaxation and intense peace.

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This strain is ideal for sleeping or doing nothing. Buy Tin Weed in Limerick, Order THC Vape pens in Oola, THC Vape Cartridges for sale Kilmallock. Marijuana Oil for vape for sale Hospital, Croom and Moroe

Chronic anxiety, pain, and stress sufferers benefit from the strain. Since it reduces inflammation, it can treat arthritis and PMS pains. The chamber smells of sweet and sour fuel and is thick and smelly. You’ll know if you’re overcommitting after a few drags.

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To some with special medical needs, Triple OG can be lifesaving. Chemotherapy and cancer can affect neuromuscular and other physiological systems. Earth and orange combine in Triple OG to relax you. This doesn’t hinder people who want to start going. For those who need mental and physical rest.

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