Lemon Tree Cookies

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Lemon Tree is a hybrid cross of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. The flavor profile is lemon all the way with a welcoming intensity the second you open the bag. Give this strain a shot if you’re looking for a balanced high from a new lemon cultivar.

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Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis in Switzerland. Different from cultivators with the same name, Lemon Tree originates from covert gardeners on Earth. Someone crossed Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel to create this well-balanced strain with powerful tastes and effects for most users. Many advocate utilizing Lemon Tree in the late afternoon to unwind before bed.

Lemon Tree has a moderate THC content, averaging 20% and peaking at 25%. Her nugs are round and black, but a dense covering of brilliant trichomes brightens her.

Lemon Tree’s powerful lemon and skunk overtones make it a love-it or-hate-it scent. If her appearance bothers you, remember that she won Best Hybrid at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup for a reason.

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Like other 50/50 strains, Lemon Tree has a predictable peak and a soothing comedown. After a few hits, most feel euphoric and happy-go-lucky.

If you’re not in a kitchen, prepare snacks ahead of time because this satisfaction comes with a powerful hunger that most can’t ignore.

The high usually becomes physical, with a warming sensation that relaxes and sedates some. Smoking this strain may take you out faster than expected.

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Those that produce their own strains at home may like to try Lemon Tree, since having lots on hand sounds nice. When covert breeders are involved, locating seeds or clones is practically impossible.

Nobody knows where to get seeds to start growing, so keep an eye out for stray seeds in your dispensary purchases. Buy THC Cannabis in Switzerland, THC Gummies for sale Zurich. Marijuana edibles for sale Uetliberg, Order THC oil for vape Forch, Greifensee and Auslikon

Some smokers dislike skunk, but most favor balanced hybrids. Try Lemon Tree if you’re feeling brave, and see if you can triumph.

Your little trial will provide you many hours of relaxation and save you from trying her again.

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    October 9, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    5 out of 5

    Thanks again guys

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