Uncle Sam OG

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Uncle Sam OG

Firstly, Buy THC cannabis in Palermo. Uncle Sam OG is an uncommon sativa-dominant hybrid (90% sativa/10% indica) bred from Plum Haze and Girl Scout Cookies. This legendary strain has long-lasting effects with 27–28% average THC.

After your initial toke, the high strikes strong with a surge of elevated pleasure and tingling energy and drive. As your mind reaches new heights of attention and creativity, the tingling will gently spread throughout your body. Leaving you somewhat aroused yet completely relaxed.

Secondly, uncle Sam OG are used to treat chronic pain, depression, exhaustion, mood swings, migraines, and nausea because of their high THC content.

Buy THC cannabis in Palermo

In addition, this bud exhales sweet, herbal, fruity notes with spicy vanilla and earth notes. Burning the nugs releases an earthy, spicy scent with a touch of vanilla and sweet herbs.

Additionally, uncle Sam OG have fluffy neon green popcorn-shaped nugs with orange hairs and amber crystal trichomes.
A 40:60 sativa/indica hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies is indica-dominant.

One of the most powerful medicinal marijuana strains, it may reach 28% THC. Order marijuana gummies Cefalù. This strain has the best of sativa and indica, producing a strong, pleasant, and euphoric high with couch-lock and drowsiness.

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Girl Scout cookies are sweet and earthy, and they smell similar. It works best for anxiety, stress, and depression, but it also boosts hunger. Only dry mouth is probable, although others may occur. Buy THC cannabis in Palermo, Order marijuana gummies Cefalù, THC vape cartridges for sale Bagheria. Pure THC oil for sale Caccamo and Cinisi Italy

This strain was bred from OG Kush and a near-even hybrid (Durban Poison X F1). One of the most popular strains in North America, Girl Scout Cookies originated in California and sell well on the West Coast and in Michigan.

The hours-long high makes Girl Scout Cookies a terrific value in most areas. Though tough to cultivate, home growers are increasingly using it.



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