KIWI Strawberry

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Visually speaking, Synergy’s Kiwi Strawberry strain resembles neither strawberries nor kiwis. Conical shaped with olive green calyces and burnt sienna pistils, these buds are loaded with beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, rather than vitamin C and fiber

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Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis in Montreux. Although KIWI Strawberry seems to be a flavor combination best suited for a morning smoothie, breeders. DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds jointly developed an indica-leaning hybrid with that name.

And KIWI Strawberry is a hybrid between the fruity strains Bubblegum and Banana Kush. This strain is quite popular on the west coast of the. United States because of its widely pleasing taste and easygoing, mellow high.

To top it all off, Analytical 360, a cannabis testing company, has regularly shown that. KIWI Strawberry blossoms contain between 17% and 23% THC.

In 2018, Emerald Cannabis Worx LLC contacted Luckyleaf with a report on Green Leaf Labs’ lab testing findings. The study touted a remarkable 32.61% total THC for their strawberry banana strain.

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Appearance, Aroma and Flavor
KIWI Strawberry blooms are tiny to medium in size and have a tight, thick bud structure; the closely packed leaves are difficult to remove from their primary stems. The leaves are light green with a yellowish tinge, and the pistils are bright orange.

Additionally, this strain exhibits some phenotypes with purple flecks as a result of colder-than-average growth temperatures activating pigments in the plant’s DNA. The blossoms are coated in a fuzzy layer of white trichomes, which accounts for their high THC content.

When properly cured, the blooms of this strain have a sweet and pleasantly fruity flavor, more reminiscent of KIWI than strawberry.

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Breaking open or crushing the buds produces a more hashy, spicy aroma, revealing the strain’s OG Kush origins. Cannabis gummies for sale St. Gallen. KIWI Strawberry produces a smooth, easy smoke when combusted and tastes clearly like berries on exhale.

While KIWI Strawberry may leave a pleasant, creamy taste, it is also highly fragrant, so anyone looking to consume discreetly should exercise care. Buy THC Cannabis in Montreux, Cannabis gummies for sale St. Gallen, Order THC Vape oil Uster. And buy Cannabis Hash in Vevey, Order THC oil in Switzerland

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KIWI Strawberry, like many powerful indicas, has a slow-building high that might take several minutes to completely display its effects after savoring the unusual flavor.

Users may gradually experience enhanced sensory awareness and may believe that some sights or noises have taken on a psychedelic quality.

These dreamy – but not wholly intellectual – affects might be ideal for watching low-key movies and music, as well as going on a lengthy stroll or trek. Any early mental influence from this strain is quickly overshadowed by strong indica relaxation.

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