Blue Dream

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Blue Dream strain

Firstly, Buy THC Cannabis in Cork. Azure Haze, commonly known as Blue Dream, is a very potent hybrid that is a powerful cross of the ever-popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream has a minor sativa dominance. Its excellent flavor and buzzy, cerebral high are not the only reasons it has a dreamlike quality; many people think the history of this strain has been completely forgotten and that it only ever existed in dreams.

It gained popularity in the medical field at first, but no one knew who created it or where it originated, with the majority of people thinking that it was created in Santa Cruz, California. Legendary breeder DJ Short eventually became interested in the strain and has since worked hard to produce the current variant.

Long-lasting and delightful, the flavors of sugar and blueberries linger on your tongue long after the smoke has cleared. The long, bushy nugs have a lot of milky white trichomes, are light green with deep blue undertones, and have hairs that are both blue and amber in color.

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This gorgeous bud offers more to offer than just nice looks and flavor, with an average THC range of 17% to 24% on average. With levels of 2% and 1% in CBD and CBN, respectively, this strain is well-liked for treating a wide range of conditions.

The Blue Dream high encapsulates the finest aspects of its lineage, expertly crafted into a delightfully harmonious blend. Enjoy this throughout any hectic schedule because it starts with a brain boost that increases motivation and focus.

As the high intensifies, you enter an extremely peaceful and relaxed state that leaves you feeling both confused and at ease. This mellow, dreamy high goes great with long talks with friends, painting in the afternoon, or wrapping out the workweek. It will help you get into your groove and out of your head.

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Don’t be misled by the name into believing that this is a high-maintenance, lazy couch. Buy THC Cannabis in Cork. Blue Dream combines the greatest features of Blueberry and Haze to create something very original. Take this one on and use some inspiration from Blue Dream to finish all of your creative endeavors and overcome your artist’s block. Alternatively, if all you’re after is a mood lift, take in the positive energy while your anxieties vanish.

It is not advised for users with anxiety issues to take this strain because it tends to get ahead of you rapidly and may aggravate pre-existing conditions. But because of its strength, people with persistent weariness, depression, and appetite loss have been reported to benefit from it. Its fundamentally invigorating nature will uplift your spirits and encourage physical activity. Additionally, modest occurrences of muscle spasms and pains from illnesses or injuries have been found to be helped by it.

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Blue Dream is the perfect strain to grow if you’re a beginner searching for something simple. She can grow both indoors and outdoors and do well. This gem flowers for around 10 weeks indoors, or for outdoor setups, from late September to early October. These beauties may grow up to five feet tall, so you’ll want to top them off early to keep them happy indoors. The yield is high, at about twenty-one ounces per plant.

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