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Driving with cannabis in the car is a funny thing in terms of the letter of the law. A bag in the front seat could get you a fine or worse, even in an adult-use state. Buy weed in London-UK

“I just tell people, put it in your trunk, like a bottle of wine,” says Ngaio Bealum, an actor/comedian and longtime cannabis advocate who has transported cannabis throughout the US over the course of many decades.

“So much of the regulation policy for cannabis is done through the filter of alcohol regulation,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see this issue debated in other legal states.” where to buy vape carts USA

Alaska Cannabis Transportation Laws

Keep the cannabis in the trunk if you’re driving in Alaska, especially Anchorage, where the city assembly extended its open container laws to cannabis in 2016.

But nearly two years after it was legalized, Alaska still has no set limit for the amount of cannabis that can be in your system while driving.

California Cannabis Transportation Laws

California Vehicle Code 23222(b) is California’s “open container” law, which makes it unlawful to drive with any cannabis not in a container, or in an opened container.

California Highway Patrol Sergeant Glen Glaser said CHP officers are trained to recognize these uniform codes and enforce them.

Glaser, who oversees the CHP’s Drug Recognition Evaluator Program, said the best way to avoid explaining a broken seal to an officer is just to store all cannabis in the trunk.Buy exotic carts in Edinburgh

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Colorado Cannabis Transportation Laws

Colorado law specifies drivers with five nanograms of active THC in their blood can be prosecuted for driving under the influence, though law enforcement officers are more likely to base arrests on observed impairment.Where to buy vape cartridges online

It’s also illegal to consume cannabis on any public roadway, and many Colorado Law Enforcement Officer have received advanced training in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE).

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Maine Cannabis Transportation Laws

Under Maine law, individuals 21 years of age or older are allowed to transport up to 2.5 ounces (70 grams) of cannabis so long as the cannabis is kept sealed in a childproof container at all times in the vehicle.Buy vape pens online

Massachusetts Cannabis Transportation Laws

Driving with cannabis openly accessible in a vehicle is seen like having an open beer in the cup holder, and an open container of cannabis carries a civil fine of $500.

previous Massachusetts court case also confirmed that the “mere odor of burnt cannabis is insufficient cause to stop a motor vehicle.” Since cannabis is legal, smelling like it does not mean any crime took place. It’s another consumer protection against unlawful discrimination.

Michigan Cannabis Transportation Laws

Michigan legalized recreational cannabis in November 2018. The new law makes transporting recreational cannabis legal if the product is in a “sealed” and “labeled” package in the trunk of the vehicle.RELATED STORYKnow Your Rights: US/Canada Border Crossing 101

Nevada Cannabis Transportation Laws

Cannabis in the car should be in a sealed container away from the driver and any minor passengers. Failure to do so could result in an open container fine. Order marijuana vape in Durham

Las Vegas is also a major destination point, which makes it important to point out that it’s illegal to take cannabis across state lines even if the next destination has legal cannabis laws. where to buy vape carts USA

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Oregon Cannabis Transportation Laws

Per Oregon law (ORS 475B.245), a person the age of 21 or older may transport up to one ounce of cannabis in a public place, but details go hazy after that. Order marijuana vape in Durham

Vermont Cannabis Transportation Laws

Under Act 86 passed in 2018, a person operating a vehicle on a public highway may not possess any cannabis in the passenger area of the vehicle, defined as any area readily accessible to the operator or passengers while in their seating positions, including the glove compartment.

Washington Cannabis Transportation Laws

Washington is specific about its cannabis transport laws. Cannabis must be stored in the trunk of the vehicle, in some other area of the vehicle not normally occupied or directly accessible by the driver or passengers if the vehicle does not have a trunk, or in a package, container, or receptacle that has not been opened or the seal broken or contents partially removed.

Washington, DC Cannabis Transportation Laws

You can possess or transport cannabis weighing less than two ounces, but here’s a buzzkill: federal officers can arrest you under federal law at any time for any amount of cannabis.

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