The Rise of Organic Marijuana: What is Your Marijuana Made Of?

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The Rise of Organic Marijuana: What is Your Marijuana Made Of?


Are you as excited about the rise of legalized, honestly grown organic marijuana as we are!?! Are you as excited about the rise in quality and variety of marijuana as we are? Do your eyes enjoy looking at the different shapes, colors and textures of marijuana? Do you fondle and squeeze marijuana buds while you sniff and compare their aromas exactly the same way you might with a piece of fruit or a vegetable before purchasing it from the grocery store? You will be by the time you finish reading this post if you aren’t already!The Rise of Organic Marijuana

Perhaps you’re understandably feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious at the moment about trying something you haven’t tried before in the midst of all of this new, confusing and sometimes contrary cannabis information. This post will help you learn how to spot the good, the bad and the moldy kinds of marijuana before you spend any of your money and smoke them!

Bunk Weed

bunk weed

The good news and the first thing you should be aware of is that bad marijuana or “bunk weed” may now be consigned to the compost heaps of history once and for all! Consider yourself fortunate if you have never smoked some bunk weed. Keep reading and you surely never will. This completely avoidable experience is almost always the same; bunk weed finds you when you most want, crave and need some good ganja.

People pay good money for bad marijuana when they are desperate and careless. You’ve had a horrible week, a horrible day and you’ve been jonesing for that perfect hit of sweet relief. You finally got paid, you finally managed to connect with your dealer. Perhaps you were so happy to see your dealer and perhaps so afraid of getting caught by authorities that you didn’t really look at the medicine you purchased while you were with your dealer. You finally got caught up with work. You finally got your pad in order, your playlist and instant online movie streams all worked out, you have all your favorite snacks and you’re planning on ordering take out as soon as the munchies tell you what you’re craving.

Dank Weed

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.58.04 PM

You pull out your sack of rocks, probably from a plastic sandwich baggie if you haven’t opened it yet, expecting a sweet, moist, “dank,” healthy, moist, earthy aroma to hit you right away from shiny green nuggets bristling with fresh THC trichome crystals…but it doesn’t.


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.59.16 PM

The marijuana lacks its usual shine and luster. It’s not as flowery and soft. There’s lots of hard twigs and seeds packed in with some dense but flaky, dry buds and leaves that are brownish in color rather than green. It smells like stale old, dry, cut grass or musty hay if anything. You got sold some schwag. You don’t exactly get excited about the prospect of putting this pot in your pipe, papers, bong or vape but you are craving relief from severe physical and/or psychological pain so you hit it anyway and hope for the best… but nothing happens. The herb itself tastes dry and stale. The smoke is dry, heavy and bland. The relief does not hit you right away. You smoke more of it hoping the euphoria and relief will creep up on you faster, but a headache, some thirst and maybe an upset stomach creep up on you instead.

“Chemmy Weed”

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.00.10 PM

Worse yet, you open your weed and the odor that hits you is just too sour. Perhaps there’s too many dark purple spots on it. The weed itself is so soggy it’s hard to ignite, hard to inhale with a harsh “chemmy” metallic taste. The weed got you really high, the couch lock was the bomb, the bad movies got funnier but you cough so much with every hit you hardly get any relief. It gives you a headache, a scratchy throat, sore lungs, and some stomach discomfort more-so than a groovy time because you were smoking medicine grown in a closet, under artificial LED lights with too many man made chemicals in the soil or oxygen and nutrient infused hydroponic solution.The Rise of Organic Marijuana

Moldy Marijuana

moldy marijuana

Worse perhaps even still…maybe the herb smells like a used towel that was discarded somewhere cool and wet for a few days and you find mold in that soggy sour mess!!! At least you hope you found the mold before you smoked any of it! The grower didn’t let it dry enough. Perhaps it was over-dried by the grower and your dealer put a drop of water or a citrus peel in the bag with your marijuana to keep it moist….and therefore potentially moldy. Tell your dealer never to moisten the marijuana ever again if you are otherwise happy with your dealer’s medicine. Find a new dealer if your dealer doesn’t listen to you. In the meantime however, you are wondering if it is safe to smoke the moldy marijuana because it’s all you have at the moment. It’s not. You realize you probably shouldn’t smoke it since you’ve seen plenty of warnings on forums about moldy marijuana, but you’re desperate, so you get rid of as much of the mold as you can and you bake the nuggets in your oven for about fifeteen minutes (since you read that online too!) but it still smells and tastes more like sour earthy fungus than marijuana and you can’t stop coughing after you take the hit. Your head hurts, your throat and lungs are scratchy, your stomach feels awful the next day and you have nausea and/or diarrhea.

Always check your marijuana for mold before you smoke it and always throw your marijuana out if you do see mold on it. As long as you’re not spotting any furry aspergillus mold on your medicine you can chillax and not worry too much about what you’re smoking for the time being. Most long term consistent cannabis users have smoked some mold in our medicine at some point, and we’re still typically healthier and happier people than non-cannabis users. Accidentally smoking a bit of moldy marijuana probably will not kill you or cause any serious long-term harm. If you happen to have any respiratory conditions like asthma or a weak immune system from a more severe medical condition such as cancer or HIV/AIDS and you think you smoked some moldy marijuana you may want to go talk to a doctor.

Scope It Out!

Get a cheap, mini LED microscope to help you clearly spot unhealthy aspergillus mold and other potential pot pests that can grow on your ganja and to help you appreciate how truly beautiful healthy marijuana buds are. Waving your marijuana under a blacklight can also help you identify mold on your marijuana more clearly.


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 3.02.44 PM

What went wrong with the weed?!? You may ask yourself, “How do I make sure I’m getting the good organic ganja that gives me the healthy side effects I want more of?” What makes some marijuana good medicine that will make you feel better and why will some marijuana make you feel even more miserable? Is organically grown ganja the healthiest, safest quality of cannabis you can consume? How can you tell if your medicine is organic or not? What makes “organic” ganja organic?

Enter The Organic (Marijuana)

Organically grown” refers to processes by which food, or cannabis in this case are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Unfortunately there is no systematic way to determine whether or not your cannabis is organic not. The “USDA won’t certify operations as organic and it won’t issue fines for growers who mislabel their medicine as organic so any grower can make any claim they’d like to make about their marijuana.” This is why you need to know the difference between organically grown and non-organically grown marijuana.

Question Your Cannabis

The best way to spot the best buds is to familiarize yourself with some of the many different ways of growing marijuana in addition to getting to know your growers as people themselves. Ask your pot provider if your medicine was grown in soil or hydroponically in nutrient-infused water. Asking this key question will make you a much healthier, happier and more sophisticated cannabis connoisseur in the long run. The answer to this key question will give you clearer a sense of just how organically grown your ganja is as well as what to expect from it in terms of how it will affect your short and long-term health.

What Makes it Organic?

Marijuana isn’t necessarily “organic” let alone high quality merely because it was grown outdoors. How is the marijuana watered? Was it watered or is it dry dirt weed schwag? The marijuana wasn’t really organically grown if the watering process is wasteful and harmful to the surrounding ecology as far as we are concerned. Marijuana that was grown with pesticides intended for lawns, golf-courses and sports fields is not organic even if it was grown outside for example. It is not possible to wash pesticides off of chemmy-tasting marijuana either.

Marijuana grown outdoors is also susceptible to infestations of spider mites which along with their feces can potentially carry pathogens such as e-coli. Marijuana that is grown outdoors and organically without harsh pesticides and fertilizers is also still susceptible to aspergillus mold if it is dried improperly or too hastily. The healthy soil life of organic marijuana can and will build up natural bacterial deterrents to mites and mold. Many marijuana users have most likely smoked marijuana damaged by spider mites without any serious consequences to their health. Your small LED microscope will help you find small red spider mites so you don’t accidentally smoke them and/or their excrement however.

Soil or water?

Marijuana grows faster when it is grown indoors in hydroponically in nutrient and oxygen infused water which feeds the cannabis plant itself as opposed to the soil in which cannabis organically lives. These shortcuts don’t improve the quality of the marijuana however and can cause the marijuana to become chemmy moldy and perhaps even infested with indoor spider mites.

Marijuana can and should still be grown as organically as possible with natural composted rather than industrial grade fertilizers. Even Hydroponic marijuana can and should be grown with dual upper and lower root systems that replicate naturally growing cannabis along streambanks, swamplands, river and lake shorelines with lots of fresh water under rich soil. Hydroponic marijuana can also be grown outside in man made nutrient and oxygen-infused reservoirs but under natural sunlight.

Enter the Organic Reefer Revolution!

There is no doubt that organic is the healthiest kind of marijuana there is. The confusion stems from the fact that the cannabis plant thrives in so many different natural growing conditions that it’s difficult to even determine what “organic” exactly means in terms of marijuana.

The best thing about the revolution in growing organic marijuana is that cannabis users are demanding a higher quality of marijuana. “Twice as many medical marijuana patients in Colorado, California and Washington State surveyed by the editors of MMJ Business Daily said organic marijuana — not discount pricing — is their most critical consideration when selecting a dispensary. The fact that criminal drug cartels are smuggling organically grown marijuana to Mexico for illegal sale also proves that the demand for organic marijuana is worldwide and higher than ever before in human history. This higher demand for a higher quality of natural medicine means that more and more marijuana, even indoor and hydroponically grown marijuana will be grown more safely for the health of the environment and the health of our physical bodies since most cannabis consumers will not compromise on the organic qualities of their medicine.

The last thing left is for you to take that first step into the organic marijuana revolution if you haven’t already now that you know a little bit more about how organic marijuana is made and how to identify the highest quality medicine. The most reliable way to find out if your marijuana is organic or not, other than growing it yourself is to watch it burn while you smoke it. Organic weed should almost always be good to the last hit. Look for clean grey, white ash as opposed to sticky black resin.

“In order for ganja to express its full, dazzling array of flavors and all the subtle subtones that come along with it, it simply must be grown organically. With chemically fed hydro, you end up with a black cruddy ball of harsh carcinogens, while properly grown organics taste delicious down to the last hit and the residue blows away as a clean grey ash” Jason King author of The Cannabible.



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