Top Marijuana Strains for PTSD

February 1, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop

Many patients now turn to marijuana strains for PTSD. There’s a lot of research out there which shows just how effective medical marijuana can be for reducing anxiety, sometimes relieving symptoms in just a couple of puffs. While many people use it for issues such as generalized anxiety or social anxiety, it’s also become a popular treatment for PTSD.marijuana strains for PTSD, Buy weed Online UK,Buy cannabis in Australia.

With that said, PTSD sufferers should be careful about the kind of marijuana they use and how they use it. In some cases, extremely potent strains of weed may exacerbate anxiety, and methods such as dabbing or using edibles can also be too strong. However, there are many great marijuana strains for PTSD which can reduce anxiety and ward off nightmares. Here are eight of the best.

CBD Critical

CBD Critical is a fantastic marijuana strain known for having extremely high levels of CBD. While most strains contain around 15% THC or over, CBD Critical contains 8% CBD and 5% THC. As such, it gives you incredibly potent medical effects without a strong psychoactive high.Buy cannabis in Australia

It’s perfect for PTSD as patients can gain relief for their symptoms without running the risk of heightening their anxiety. In addition to helping with PTSD, CBD Critical can also be great for sleep, stress, depression, pain, headaches, and more.

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Black Diamond strain

Black Diamond 

Black Diamond is a popular indica-dominant strain known for its intensely relaxing effects. It can provide fast-acting, powerful relief for all kinds of issues from chronic pain and inflammation to severe anxiety.

With a soothing and tranquil high, it’s perfect for PTSD patients who want to feel less anxious and more mentally calm. It can also help with sleep and ward off stress, making it a great medical strain all around. It’s best avoided during the daytime as it can be quite sedating, but it’s perfect for evening and nighttime use.

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Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is a delicious hybrid strain with a steady balance of 45% sativa to 55% indica. It gives users sharp mental stimulation to boost their mood, focus, and creativity while also delivering soothing physical relaxation to ward off issues such as pain, inflammation, aches, strains, and more.

Due to the high amounts of limonene, it gives off a fresh citrus smell and taste which makes it a joy to use. It’s also ideal for counteracting depression and anxiety in all forms, including PTSD. If you want a flavorful strain that’ll quickly put you in a great mood, you can’t go wrong with Lemon Kush.

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Snow White

Snow White is a hybrid strain that leans slightly towards indica, making it beautifully soothing for the body while also uplifting your mood to make you more optimistic and motivated. It’s a highly calming strain that helps relieve both physical and mental tension, making it useful for all kinds of symptoms.

It’s especially useful for PTSD patients who want to ward off stress and anxiety and sleep better. However, it can also come in handy for pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, depression, and a whole lot more. It also gives you the munchies in full force, making it a potent appetite booster.

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Snow White strain

Death Bubba

Death Bubba is a Vancouver born and bred strain known for hard-hitting, indica-dominant effects. It’s a cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush, resulting in a potent strain which delivers a sensationally relaxing high.Buy cannabis in Australia

Smoking or vaping Death Bubba will quickly relieve your mind of any stress or tension, making it ideal for sufferers of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Meanwhile, it’ll also soothe your body to relieve all kinds of pain, aches, and strains. Due to the comforting effects, it also helps users get to sleep, making it a good choice of nighttime strain.

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Pink Berry

Pink Berry is a cross between Blackberry and Pink Champagne, resulting in a powerful and flavorful strain. The aroma is fresh and fruity with hints of vanilla and berries, and the taste is just as enjoyable. The effects are also great.

When you use Pink Berry, you’ll feel a wave of uplifting euphoria. It’ll melt away any stress or worries in your mind, leaving you in a peaceful and blissful state. It can also soothe your body and relieve you of any pain or physical tension. If you want a strain that tastes good and feels even better, then try out Pink Berry.

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Gorilla Bomb

Gorilla Bomb is a hybrid strain that’s just slightly sativa-dominant. However, with a ratio of 55:45 sativa to indica, you can expect the best of both sides from this rare strain. Gorilla Bomb will quickly give you a burst of cerebral stimulation that invigorates your mood and your senses. As time goes on, your body will begin to feel more and more relaxed, putting you in a peaceful state.

It’s useful for those with PTSD who need a strain to induce positivity while also helping them eventually relax their mind. It can also be useful for all kinds of physical and mental health ailments. The body high tackles chronic pain and inflammation fast while the head high can wash away depression and stress. All in all, this is a potent and enjoyable strain that everyone should try.Buy weed Online UK

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Sour OG strain

Sour OG

Sour OG is a match made in heaven- a hybrid cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It gives you the best of both of these popular strains. The aroma is fresh and zesty, albeit with earthy undertones. The taste is also delicious and fresh, making it highly enjoyable to either smoke and vape.

The effects are also amazing. As a well-balanced 50/50 hybrid, it delivers a potent mind rush which will make you feel more happy, positive, and focused in an instant. Equally, it can also soothe and relax your body into a calm and blissful state while still keeping you alert and focused. It’s great for use at any time of the day and can help with PTSD as well as ADHD, anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, headaches, lack of appetite, and various other issues.marijuana strains for PTSD, Buy weed Online UK,Buy cannabis in Australia.


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