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January 28, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop2

Buy Missouri Marijuana

Missouri has just become the 32nd state in America to legalize medical cannabis.

In an incredible victory, Amendment 2 has passed and medical cannabis is now legal in Missouri, making the Show-Me-State the 32nd to legalize it! A giant thank you to all of the advocates and especially for New Approach Missouri,Greater St. Louis NORML, and Show Me Cannabis for getting the cannabis advocacy effort in Missouri to this point.

Amendment 2 is a constitutional amendment that would allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients with one of ten specified medical conditions, including cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, chronic pain, PTSD and Parkinson’s. The measure would impose a four percent sales tax, and some of that revenue would be earmarked for veterans programs. The state’s Department of Health and Senior Services would regulate sales, cultivation and licensing.

It would require the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to start accepting applications from potential consumers by June and potential dispensary owners by August. The department would also have to set limits for purchase (but no less than four ounces a month) and possession. Marijuana sales would be taxed at 4 percent, with proceeds going to fund services for military veterans. Consumers would need a note from their doctor confirming they have a qualifying medical condition to get a marijuana card. The amendment lists several specific qualifying conditions, but is also broad enough that nearly anything that a licensed doctor deems a qualifying condition could become one. This is the only measure of the three that explicitly allows users to grow their own marijuana (up to six flowering plants).

Voters shot down Proposition C and Amendment 3. Even if Prop C and Amendment 3 passed, the constitutional amendments would have taken precedence, with the amendment receiving the most “yes” votes becoming law.


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