Ways to Use Marijuana

January 19, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop

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While it’s true that smoking the dried flowers of the cannabis plant has traditionally,Buy marijuana New South Wales

been the primary method of consuming marijuana,

today there are many marijuana,

products that offer different experiences and effects.

Patients may experience short-term,

effects from cannabis including coughing,

reddening of the eyes,

dry mouth, delayed motor response, sedation or anxiety.

Smoking delivers the most immediate effects of all methods of ingesting medical marijuana,

and patients can control the level of dosage,

choosing to smoke as much or as little as needed.

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Depending on the potency of the strain,

the effects typically wear off within 60 minutes to 4 hours.

Patients who suffer from excessive coughing, find smoke irritating to the throat,

The most basic joint consists of rolling papers and ground cannabis flowers.

A “roach”, usually made of stiffer paper, can be added at the end for better flow.

It also makes sure you can enjoy your joint down to the very last bit.



The main components include a bowl for the cannabis flower, a carb—

i.e. a small hole in the pipe that helps create a vacuum—and a mouthpiece.

A vaporizer is a device that heats,

up cannabis at low temperatures of 356 – 392 Fahrenheit,

just below the point of combustion.

Using a vaporizer is the most recommended,

method to ingest medical marijuana,

as they extract the active therapeutic ingredients,

in marijuana (known as cannabinoids) without burning them,

and allow the patient to inhale the gentle vapors.

it may seem as if nothing is happening,

because the vapor can be so mild.

These smokeless, electronic devices can come in a variety of shapes and sizes,

from small handheld pens that operate,

by a battery to larger desktop vaporizers that plug into a wall outlet for home use.

Vape Pens
The most portable of vaporizers,

vape pens are discreet,

battery-powered devices that heat,

concentrated cannabis oils instead of dried flowers.

Handheld Vaporizers
Small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack,

these vaporizers offer portability,

and are capable of heating flowers.

Some models can handle concentrates as well.

Desktop Vaporizers
These offer little portability but are capable,

of extracting higher quantities of therapeutic,

ingredients than their smaller counterparts


though also available as gummies, hard candies,

chocolates and more.


When making marijuana-infused edibles at home,

patients can simply grind up the cannabis flowers,

heat it up in oil or butter to activate its medicinal properties,

and then add a small amount to any type of food for a relaxing body high.


Patients can also experiment with homemade tinctures by soaking dried and chopped,

cannabis flowers in pure grain alcohol of 90% strength or higher,

 (such as Everclear) for several days,

gently shaking the mixture once a day,

and finally straining it and storing the liquid,

in a medicine bottle with an eyedropper for easy and discreet use.

Oils, Lotions, and Balms

Topical oils, lotions, and balms provide,

no psychoactive effects or feeling of being high.

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