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January 12, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop1

Buy weed online Vietnam Buy Cannabis online Vietnam Buy Vapes online Vietnam

I am a 10 years stoner, who was born and live in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) for my whole life. This article is my experience, to help you get the weed you want when visiting Vietnam.

Law of weed in Vietnam

Firstly, let’s talk about the law. Not as lucky as folks in Canada, US or the South East Asia nation Thailand, where weed is legalized, weed in Vietnam is totally illegal. By the law, you can get into trouble if get caught selling or smoking weed.

But fortunately, weed is just the last thing that the authority are looking for. Because people who smoke weed don’t do things that harm social life. Police have their higher attention to drugs like heroine, methamphetamine, ketamin… Many crime reports in Vietnam were linked to those drugs.

The conclusion to this part is, although weed is illegal but you can find, buy and smoke weed quite easy in Vietnam.

How to buy weed in Vietnam

Of course there will be no legit shop like in countries where weed is legal. In Vietnam, you can buy it easy as long as you know a trusted dealer.

The most popular source that sell weed is in Bui Vien, the most famous tourist area in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city). Those infomation that you can find on Google are true, you can buy weed in Bui Vien street from bars, pub, cigarrette seller or even bike drivers.

But there always pros and cons. Buying weed in Bui Vien is very convenient, just walk around that area, ask someone and you can buy easily. But there will be many risk, I’ve met many tourist said that they were not satisfied when buying weed there. Sometime they will sell grass or tea, not weed, weight is less than they said (like 0.88g instead of full 1g) and price is very high (about 700.000 vnd for a gram of imported kush). Buy Cannabis online Australia

Other way, you can find weed on Facebook, really. By searching around with keywords and hashtags, you will find out some dealers. Have some conversation with them and you will have the chance to buy stuff. But this way seems not safe, because of the policy of Facebook, or most of the dealers can not speak English or the risk that they will rip you off.

So what is the best way to buy weed in Vietnam? That is the reason why we exist, to serve you with all of our passion, truthful, best quality and best service. Buy weed online Australia

Buy weed online Vietnam Buy Cannabis online Vietnam Buy Vapes online Vietnam

We guarantees abundant stuff in the menu
, from high quality kush imported from Canada or US, good quality kush grown by experienced growers in Vietnam, to the cheap local smoke Cambodian strain. Buy Edibles online

We guarantees about the weight, 
thing that I know customer will care a lot. With us, 1g is 1g, not 0.8 or 0.9.

And most important is our service. You can have stuff in 1 – 2 working hours. Delivery will be discrete, stuff will be well packed, in good cover, just look like any online purchase. So you will be safe and sound with us.

If you need more information, please feel free to message us via this channel.

Buy weed online Vietnam Buy Cannabis online Vietnam Buy Vapes online Vietnam

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