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Cannabis concentrates are a significantly more potent version of cannabis and are through a process of extracting the THC from marijuana.Mail Order cannabis concentrates
While cannabis concentrates have existed in some form since the 1940s, it’s not until the past five years that the world of concentrates has exploded into so many different types and can be very confusing if you are beginning to use cannabis.

The many factors that go into creating concentrates are extraction methods, types of marijuana, potency, and purity which all have a significant effect on the final product! Below we show you the process, types, benefits, and uses of cannabis concentrate that will help you choose the right cannabis concentrate for you!




Benefits of using concentrates?

Some of the known benefits of using concentrates are providing a fast and powerful dose of cannabis to people who may need serious pain relief or an experienced user who has a high tolerance for marijuana.

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Concentrates are considered to be healthier than smoking cannabis because the extraction process gets rid of the resin-producing plant material. Where to buy Cannabis Concentrate in Australia

If you are looking for fast-acting relief at a high dose, concentrates can be an efficient way to deliver relief.

What is cannabis extraction?

The process of cannabis extraction is similar to creating essential oils, producing vitamins, decaffeinating coffee.

The goal of this process is to extract the main compounds or cannabinoids from cannabis which are THC, CBD, and terpenes, these compounds provide the smell, flavor, relief, and effects of the end product.

How are cannabis concentrates extracted?

The processes of cannabis extraction have a variety of different methods and solvents that use pressure in a closed loop system. Based on extraction methods cannabis concentrates can be placed into two categories:

Solvent Extractions

Solvents extractions separate the compounds from the plant which leaves behind an extremely potent liquid solution. Some popular varieties of solvents are butane, propane, CO2, and alcohol.

Solventless Extractions

Solventless extractions do not use any foreign substances during the extraction process.

Water is used in this process and is technically a solvent but is not considered a foreign material. One of the most common solventless extractions is Ice-water extraction.

How do I determine a concentrate’s quality?

Recognizing the quality of concentrates can sometimes be difficult, but for the most part, people refer to concentrates and base the quality of concentrates and their consistency.

The same extraction method can create a variety of textures in the final product, so it does not always portray the quality. The only way to determine the quality of a cannabis concentrate is to have it tested in a lab.

These tests would be able to measure cannabinoid content, contaminants, residual solvents, and many other qualities of the final product.  

What are the types of concentrates?

Shatter (Glass, Slabs, Sheets)

Shatter is one of the most popular and potent forms of concentrates also referred to as glass, slabs or sheets.

Shatter is typically smooth, stable, transparent and is known to be one of the purest forms because there is a second process of extraction that removes waxes, lipids, and fats.

The final product of shatter can contain up to 80% THC compared to a cannabis bud which ranges from around 10%-30% THC.

Wax (Budder, Crumble, Honeycomb)

Wax is unlike shatter in the fact that they lose their transparency in the extraction process.

Wax also is known as budder or crumble and can take on different consistencies based on moisture, heat and the texture.

Oils that are a liquid consistency tend to have more moisture and create a drippy wax referred to as budder, while some with a harder consistency are more likely to take on a dryer texture known as crumble. Fast Cannabis Delivery agency near me

A handful of waxes retain more terpenes and usually contain more flavor.Easy way to Order cannabis near me


Oil is a sticky liquid that can be very difficult to handle. Also known as hash oil, CO2 oil, butane hash oil, BHO or RSO,  this form of cannabis concentrate can retain full flavor and THC levels tend to be very high.Easy way to Order cannabis near me

Rosin (Live Rosin, Resin)

Rosin otherwise known as live rosin or resin, is created by a method that uses low heat and high pressure to extract from flower instead of using solvents.

This extraction method is relatively simple and only requires flower, parchment paper, and hair straightener.

Hash (Hashish, Ice Water Hash, Bubble Hash)

Hash has been around for a long time and is one of the first forms of cannabis concentrates. Hash is essentially cannabis that has been heated and pressurized to form a soft ball like substance.

Also known a Hashish, ice water hash or bubble hash, this form of concentrate is common and was one of the only cannabis concentrates before the scientific progression of concentrates five years ago.Easy way to Order cannabis near me

How do I consume concentrates?

There are many different ways to consume cannabis extracts; each way tends to have a certain level of difficulty and some form of equipment required. Fast Cannabis Delivery agency near me

The general overview of using them is a device heats a concentrate until the vapor is produced and inhaled by the user.

Vape Pens

Vaporizer pens offer a portable way to smoke shatter, wax or oil.

Some pens have internal chambers where you load the hash, this method still produces a cannabis scented smell, while some pens use a pre-loaded cartridge that produces a discreet odor which would be better for smoking in public.

Dab Rig

A dab rig is similar to a water pipe but tends to be much smaller in size and has a different style of bowl peice where the cannabis or cannabis concentrates would ignite.

This method tends to be difficult at first but is very common among concentrate users, and new technology to use concentrates is hitting the market every day are making concentrates easier and easier to use.

The progression of cannabis concentrates in the past five years has ignited a fire in the industry resulting in the creation of new types, extraction methods, and consumption methods which are changing every day.

Easy way to Order cannabis near me Fast Cannabis Delivery agency near me Where to buy Cannabis Concentrate in Australia Mail Order cannabis concentrates USA

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