How to Choose Safe Vape Cartridges

November 6, 2019by Lucky Leaf shop

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With the recent outbreak of vaping-related illnesses across the country, selecting the best and safest vape products has become a major priority for THC and e-cigarette users.

Being able to tell what products are authentic and third-party tested, and which are not, is more important than ever. Doing a little research before buying any product can ensure that your vaping experience remains safe and enjoyable.

Is My Vape Safe?

Many of the illnesses that occurred across the US have been attributed to unsafe chemicals being used in counterfeit vape cartridges being sold illegally online or in other shady markets.

The best way to ensure that you are using a safe, quality product is to buy from a licensed cannabis or e-cigarette retailer.

While going through online channels may save you money, it is hard to gauge the authenticity of the products you are buying and therefore may put you at risk of purchasing knock-offs and counterfeits.

Purchasing reputable brands from responsible retailers is the perfect way to make sure the vape products you buy are free from harmful chemicals.

How To Tell If a Vape Cartridge is Counterfeit

As the popularity of vaping has risen across the United States, the amount of knock-off THC products has likewise increased. With millions of

Americans searching for cheaper alternatives to the high-prices often found in legal dispensaries, thousands have fallen victim to illegal counterfeiters selling fake products in deceiving packaging.

It’s not hard to see why consuming fake products may be dangerous: no third party testing, unregulated or illegal chemical ingredients and dangerous cutting agents are all potential risks when using fake vape cartridges.

The packaging on counterfeit vape products has even become so advanced that it may be hard to tell legitimate brands from cheap fakes when examining the box.

Thankfully, licensed cannabis brands that create legal THC vape cartridges have recognized the problem and are starting to act. Many well-known brands have created lists that number all the retailers where their products can be found and purchased.

Some vape product brands have even gone as far as creating forums where users can report fakes and other illegal vape products.

A surefire way to choose safe and legal vape products is to first check online and see if a brand supplies a list of authorized retailers or delivery services.

When using an online service or directory to find vape products, selecting ‘verified’ products is a great way to make sure you aren’t selecting a counterfeit. Buy quality vape cartridges in FRANCE

If you notice any red flags, like a significantly cheaper price than market value or a cartridge that is significantly different in appearance than what is displayed on a brand’s website, than it may be wise to avoid that seller.

Many products may even be equipped with serial numbers which can be checked on a company’s website before use.

If you are uncertain about the authenticity of a vape product, remember you can always reach out to the company and double-check to make sure you never use a counterfeit product. 

Are THC Vape Pens Dangerous?

In the middle of 2019, cases of vaping-related illnesses began to be reported across the United States. As of October 16th, the CDC has reported that 1,300 Americans have been diagnosed with lung injuries related to vape products. Buy good vape cartridges online

Most of those individuals reported using some form of THC vape product before the illness occurred.Order best vape cartridges Australia

While this number is worrying for many reasons, almost all the patients who suffered from lung conditions reported that the vape products they were using had been purchased from illicit sources, such as street dealers, unregulated websites, or friends. where to order safe vape cartridges in EUROPE

The CDC has not yet confirmed what specific chemicals within the vaporizers have caused the lung damage.

If you plan to use vape pens or other products, the best way to remain healthy and safe is to buy from an authorized, state-regulated retailer whose products have been third-party tested.

Also, opting for vape cartridges that contain only pure THC oil, without any cutting agents, is another intelligent way to stay safe.

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