Australia’s, and New Zealand

November 1, 2019by Lucky Leaf shop

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Australia’s recession-free economy is now a world record.

We surpassed Japan’s previous record three years ago…

In fact, if you’re under 28 years old, Australia hasn’t had a recession in your lifetime…

Australia’s last recession ended in June 1991.420 Mail Credit carts

Compared to the rest of the developed world, we breezed through the GFC, the ending of the commodities boom, the dotcom crash and the Asian financial crisis…#420bud hashtag on Instagram

None of these seriously interrupted almost three decades of continuous economic growth…Mail 420 online

Every time the Aussie economy was dangerously close to a recession, something intervened .Buy Cannabis 420 bud

For example, in the mid-90s, lending laws were relaxed, enabling everyday Aussies to buy investment homes to offset their tax obligations.

In 2001, the construction boom began just as China started buying up our iron ore…quadrupling its purchases in the aftermath of the 2008 market meltdown.#420bud hashtag on Instagram

Then as the commodities boom ended, we once again dodged a recession by building, buying and selling more houses…all helped by the incredibly low interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

So, will Australia’s economic miracle continue for years to come?

Daily Reckoning Australia contributor #Jim Rickards says no, it cannot.

In a brand-new investment report, Jim explains how Australia is finally running out of luck…and it’s not a matter of IF our economy enters a recession but when. 420bud store

You can download a free copy of Jim’s report today, where you’ll discover:


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