Laws of marijuana in Australia

October 17, 2019by Lucky Leaf shop
The global legal cannabis market is expected to double in size over the next five year, and will be worth approximately $146.4 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research.where to buy cannabis in Sydney Australia weed forums Australia wickr weed online Australia buy synthetic weed Melbourne Is cannabis legal in Australia?
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This revenue growth is largely expected to be driven by the increasing adoption of cannabis-based medicine as a treatment option for conditions such as #chronic pain, #cancer, and synthetic weed Melbourne
The cannabis industry is now starting to gain traction worldwide due to high consumer demand and the increasing legalisation of recreational and medicinal marijuana.
Cannabis companies have been cropping up left and right over the last few years, and Australia is no exception..weed forums Australia
Early movers are already positioning themselves to capitalise on the growing market, which could become worth more than $1.2 billion in Australia alone.where to buy cannabis in Sydney Australia
A major hurdle currently facing the industry is the difficulty involved in prescribing cannabis to patients..where to buy cannabis in Sydney Australia
Consumers who wish to access the drug must go through a specialist appointment and then wait up to four weeks for government synthetic weed Melbourne
While the process may be challenging, experts say that the government’s current model makes it considerably easier to harvest patient data, allowing medical researchers and regulators to better understand the needs of the Australian patient synthetic weed Melbourne
Thankfully, the TGA has also introduced an online access system, allowing patients in some states to submit an application to the state government and the TGA at the same time.
Although the Australian cannabis industry has only existed for around three years it has still managed to make considerable headway in the sector, due to its considerable experience in the agri-pharma game.wickr weed online Australia
However, the legal framework around medicinal cannabis is still in a state of flux, and regulation can vary widely from state to state


The ACT government may soon make history by becoming the first state in Australia to make it legal to grow or possess cannabis for personal use.weed forums Australia
A private members bill tabled by ACT Labor backbencher, Michael Pettersson in December last year would see it become legal for private citizens to grow up to four plants worth of naturally cultivated cannabis, or possess 50 grams for personal use. wickr weed online Australia
The bill has the support of both the Labor party and the Greens, meaning that it already has the required majority need to pass through the ACT’s legislative assembly.Is cannabis legal in Australia?
Once passed the bill will ban smoking cannabis in a public place—or within 50 metres of a child—and synthetic cannabis would continue to retain its’s criminal status.
The Labor party and the Greens want to see the bill passed as quickly as possible, however recently added parliamentary rules may result in a partial delay.
weed forums Australia Under a new standing order, all of the Assembly’s amendments to bills must now go through the parliament’s scrutiny committee before being approved..
where to buy cannabis in Sydney Australia weed forums Australia wickr weed online Australia buy synthetic weed Melbourne Is cannabis legal in Australia?
In light of this, Chief Minister Andrew Barr said that the debate over Pettersson’s cannabis legalisation bill is unlikely to conclude for several months, potentially “not even by mid year at this point”.where to buy cannabis in Sydney Australia
“The new standing orders of the Assembly require all amendments to go through a scrutiny process so if there’s any contention around a piece of legislation in the Assembly it will take three sitting periods effectively for it to be resolved, so we intend to have a measured and detailed debate both on the principle of the legislation and any subsequent amendments,” Barr said.weed forums Australia
The Greens are also currently pushing another piece of legislation, the Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Amendment Bill, which it hopes will increase patient access to medicinal marijuana.weed forums Australia

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The leader of the ACT Greens, Shane Ratternbury, said that the party is proposing the bill “to assist people suffering serious illnesses to have easier access to cannabis for medicinal use as we know that the ACT’s medicinal cannabis scheme remains hard to access.”weed forums Australia
“Here in the Territory, in 2004 and again in 2014, the two major parties blocked the Greens’ bills to legalise cannabis for medicinal use. Unfortunately, now that a scheme does exist, it is not working for those who need it.”weed forums Australia
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Is cannabis legal in Australia “That’s why we’ll be seeking to increase the allowable amount for possession for people who use cannabis medicinally to recognise that people with a medical need may need to stockpile larger quantities than recreational users and the current avenues for accessing it under prescription are overly restrictive,” Ratternbury said..


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