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Poland is one of many places currently grappling with a changing of the tides where marijuana is concerned.

In some ways, Poland is ahead of other countries when it comes to legalizing cannabis, but there is still a long way to go.

If you are a Polish resident or you plan on visiting this beautiful country, you might be wondering what exactly the state of cannabis acceptance is in Poland.

Is hemp legal? Is marijuana legal? Can you freely grow those local cannabis seeds that you see in Polish seed banks?

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The truth is that Poland is a country that has had much to say about cannabis in the past.

And it will likely have a lot more to say about it in the future.

Fortunately, we are here to keep you up to date on the Polish cannabis laws so you always know whether or not.

it is safe to grow those beautiful cannabis seeds that you have been dreaming about! buy-dankwoods-online-usa/

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The History of Cannabis in Poland

The cannabis industry was absolutely booming during this time, and cannabis was completely legal. buy-dankwoods-online-usa/

In fact, the notion that cannabis would be illegal wasn’t even given consideration.

People made things like cannabis tea, and it was just a part of life. Buy Legal weed Online Australia

In 1951, everything began to change in Poland.

By this point, the decline in cannabis and hemp production was fairly substantial.

With production and sales at an all time low, it was suddenly reclassified as a narcotic.where-to-order-legal-marijuana-online-online/

With this change in place, the cultivation of cannabis seeds came to an almost full stop within the country. buy-thc-vape-juice-online/

At this point, however, despite the fact that is was classified as a narcotic. GG4

it was still completely legal to own cannabis and cultivate cannabis seeds.

By all rights of the law, cannabis was still technically legal.Weed for sale Poland

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