buy medical marijuana online Belfast

February 12, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop

Buy medical marijuana online Belfast

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The cannabis industry is changing at a speed that is much higher than what anyone anticipated. Due to the global cannabis legalization upshot, investors put in millions of dollars in this fast-growing industry. In 2018, the legal cannabis industry was valued at $10.4 billion in the US alone. Also, we saw over $10 billion invested in marijuana businesses in North America. Even new trends appeared, like weed tourism, which is also growing fast.

In order to better understand the level reached by the cannabis industry, CaliExtractions created an infographic that you can check out. As you can see, cannabis is now legal in 33 US states and it is expected that by 2025, sales will reach 24.07 billion. There are around as many people employed by the cannabis industry as librarians or kindergarten teachers. Given the growth of the industry, soon we will have more people in this industry than telemarketers.

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It is incredibly hard to predict exactly what the future will be like but some statistics that show why so many investors now want to be involved in cannabusiness can be mentioned:

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