Canna-Coconut Oil vs Canna-butter in Edibles

February 10, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop

Differences between infused coconut oil and infused butter.

Recently we have talked with people about the differences between infused coconut oil and infused butter. While both work well as mediums to infuse cannabis and make edibles at home we believe that coconut oil is the superior transporter.Canna-Coconut Oil vs Canna-butter in Edibles

Commercial butter can be made from poor milk sources from cows who are not out to pasture and have been fed genetically modified corn and soy. Milk solids in butter often cause it to smoke faster than coconut oil during the cooking process.

Coconut oil is filled with medium chain fatty acids so is used quickly for energy and not stored in body fats. These fatty acids act as transporters of THC and make cannabinoids more bioavailable in your system producing a longer lasting, and cleaner high. Since our hormones are synthesized from fats and cholesterol it is important to having quality fat sources to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Coconut oil can also help eliminate free radicals in the body and speed up healing.Canna-Coconut Oil vs Canna-butter in Edibles

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When making home edibles for you or your friends, consider coconut oil next time for a tastier and healthier experience!


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