What are Moon Rocks and How Do You Use Them?

February 6, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop

For those of you who have graduated from ordinary flower and have begun to explore the exciting world of cannabis concentrates, you may have heard of Moon Rocks. As a combination of 3 different forms of THC, this concoction offers recreational marijuana users the potent punch of cannabis concentrates, with all the wonderful flavors and aromas found in traditional flower.

What Are They?

Moon Rocks are a combination of flower, hash oil and kief. Buds are covered in the sticky hash oil before being rolled in a lavish amount of kief. The THC percentages vary depending on the quality of ingredients used, but generally Moon Rocks are somewhere in the 50% range. Moon Rocks have been popularized because of their high terpene, THC and cannabinoid content. Unlike some other concentrates, Moon Rocks offer sky-high THC percentages without sacrificing terpene content. The high terpene content contributes to the ‘entourage effect’, maximum flavor profile and full-spectrum aroma.

How to Make this strain

To make your own Moon Rocks, you will first need to the ingredients. Gather up the following to get started:

  • A few buds of your favorite flower
  • A good amount of kief (you will need at least enough to cover your nugs)
  • Hash Oil
  • Tweezers, tongs or even chopsticks (to pick up the buds)
  • Something to disperse the hash oil (we used a liquid dropper like this)
  • Wax Paper

Once you have gathered your ingredients, you are ready to begin making your own potent Moon Rocks!

Step 1) Gently heat up your hash oil to slightly above room temperature, and place your kief into a shallow bowl.

Step 2) Place your flower on the wax paper (to ensure you don’t lose any precious hash oil).

Step 3) Using your dropper, pick up the heated hash oil.

Step 4) Drizzle a light coating of hash oil over your flower.

Step 5) Using your tongs, roll the sticky nug into your kief, allowing a generous helping of kief to stick to your buds. Don’t pick up the flower with your hands, as the sticky hash oil will come off onto your fingers.

Step 6) Let the rocks stand to dry. The drying times will vary depending on how much hash oil you used. We recommend at least 30 minutes.

Step 7) Smoke ‘em.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

Because of the dense, sticky nature of Moon Rocks, smoking them can be a little more tricky than first expected. Here are a few tips to keep in mind

Don’t Roll It Up

Rolling 100% into a joint or blunt can be a bad idea. They will be wetter than your average flower (due to the hash oil), so they will not stay lit or cherried when rolled by themselves. However, you can add little bits ripped off the Moon Rocks onto any traditional flower to give any joint or blunt a little kick!

Smoke Your Moon Rocks in Glass

this strain will have to be heated a little longer than flower to reach their combustion point due to the higher burning temperature of the absorbed hash oil. We recommend mixing your marijuana Moon Rocks into a bowl of traditional flower for the best burn.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

Remember that they are not your average weed which you can smoke and then go about your daily tasks. Moon Rocks will get you really, really high. While that may be the point of using them for most smokers, remember to be in a safe place where you won’t have to drive for awhile before using MR. The high THC content makes them better suited for experienced smokers and any new users should use caution before making their own. What are they and How Do You Use Them? 

Have you made your own Moon Rocks before? What was your experience like? Let us know in the

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