Upgrade Your Cannabis Vape Pen with Ooze

January 29, 2020by Lucky Leaf shop

Upgrade Your Cannabis Vape Pen with Ooze;

Vape pens: the portable, discreet, and convenient way to consume cannabis.

Vaping and dabbing cannabis concentrates have evolved from a form of smoking that only seasoned veterans partake in, to one of the most popular ways to smoke in 2018. It’s a very potent, quick, and easy way to feel the effects of the plant. However, unless relaxing in the comforts of home, it’s not practical to carry your dab rig and torch around with you.Upgrade Your Cannabis Vape Pen with Ooze

Vape pens are a portable, discreet version of the typical dab rig. Traveling with them is a breeze. Instead of using a lighter or a torch to heat up the extract, a battery is screwed on to a cartridge filled with your substance of choice. With the press of a button, you can easily vape without risking a burn from the torch, and without the smoke made from combustion.

The market has become relatively flooded by a plethora of brands and models of batteries all claiming to be the best. If that was true, then we wouldn’t be reading weekly headlines broadcasting “Vape Explodes in Man’s Pocket” or “Local Woman Has Jaw Broken by Exploding Vaporizer”. It’s difficult to verify which batteries are actually high quality and safe. Luckily, Ooze takes the guesswork out of that equation.

Every vape battery that Ooze makes comes with a lifetime warranty. They’ve put the time and effort into the products to ensure that they are completely safe to use, for as long as you want to use it. When you slide your pen into your pocket or your bag, there’s a chance that something will press down the button without your knowledge. Ooze batteries all have an auto shut-off function that forces the pen to stop heating, way before it enters the temperature danger zone.

The go-to Ooze battery is the Slim Twist Pen. Compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, the Slim Twists have a dial on the bottom that turns to adjust the voltage. Having control over the temperature of your vape is essential for enjoying the flavor profile of the concentrate; the slim twist allows you to adjust just a few degrees at a time, for perfect clouds every time.


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