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April 29, 2017by Lucky Leaf shop

 Difference between Exotics and Danks carts

Which is better dank Vapes or exotic carts?

This may be the reason the oil is dense, whereas Dank Vapes oil is lightly thinner. The Exotic Carts oil is decent and does move slowly. if you’re looking for just a nice high, yet harsh flavors, Exotics would be better. Although the oil quality tasted strong and potent, we aren’t 100% sure what’s infused in it.

Do dank Vapes have pesticides?

Dank Vapes Test For Pesticides And Synthetic Cannabinoids. Dank vapes is a vape cartridge with cannabis extracted oil inside of it, they also go by the slang names of Dank carts. … I reside in California where it has now become legal to purchase cannabis products for recreational use.

How much are carts from a dispensary?

Vape carts tend to cost around $50 for a half-gram, and these carts will last you hundreds of hits. Still, prices can vary brand to brand, and even dispensary to dispensary, so the best way to price out vape carts is to check with the dispensaries near you.

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